ONLINE: Krutika Ghanekar and Mihika Mukherjee present powerful and graceful Kathak in Vidha Lal’s Sankalp ep. 3

Krutika and Mihika in performance on 16 August

In the third performance of her online performance series for young dancers, Sankalp, Kathak exponent Vidha Lal presented Krutika Ghanekar and Mihika Mukherjee, students of Sanjukta Sinha. This performance was broadcast on August 16 and was introduced by Krutika and Mihika’s teacher, Sanjukta Sinha. I am writing my reports/impressions of the Sankalp performances at Vidha’s request.
Sanjukta introduced Krutika and Mihika as upcoming artists with inner strength and outer grace. The two girls did look very confident in green and red costumes, which bore the style stamp of their guru. They presented their nritta in dhamar taal, which was a paramparik presentation consisting of upaj, thaat, tukde, paran, tihai and bat-cheet. The thaat was executed with great grace. The footwork of the two dancers was very neat. The chakkars were done with great speed. What stood out most in their presentation was their very well-rehearsed camaraderie. When they were performing together, they were in tandem. Otherwise they mirrored each other, moving front to back in opposite directions in very well-executed patterns. 

Krutika and Mihika in performance on 16 August

The second piece was a tarana, which is a very lyrical presentation in Kathak, based on musicality and elucidating the bhaav paksh. The raag was Megh Malhaar and the composition was sung very melodiously by Samiullah Khan. The dancers wore very appropriate blue and black costumes. The dance lent itself gracefully to the lyrical bols of the tarana, their footwork and hastas giving the feel of rain. The choreography of the two pieces was by Sanjukta. The two young dancers had very neat and complete footwork and hand movements, covering the entire space provided to them, continuously moving back and forth. On the whole, a very well-rendered presentation. You can watch it by clicking the link below:


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