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Stage vs screen: Ramya Harishankar demonstrates the same dance in film and in performance

 On 11 January 2024, Ramya Harishankar, an eminent Bharatanayam dancer and teacher based in the US, screened two of her dance films, Aasha and Bhumika, at the IHC in Delhi. The event had been organized by Kri Foundation and the setting was very intimate in the smaller Amaltas auditorium rather than the cavernous Stein. Ramya Harishankar is the artistic director of the Arpana Dance Company and school, a premier school of Bharatanatyam in California and the United States. She has trained under Swamimalai K. Rajaratnam and Kalanidhi Narayanan. She has been honoured with various recognitions by Los Angeles, Orange County and the city of Irvine for her contribution to the arts, including successfully running the ADC for over 40 years. The two dance films that Ramya made were shown first. 'Bhumika' is about climate change and 'Aasha, until we meet again' commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The first to be screened, 'Aasha', means hope. The setting was the door

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