Not just sun, sand and surf: Pictures from an unusual trip to Goa

Butterflies at the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa in Priol

About to land in Goa. Looking forward to a vacation with the family.

At the beach outside the resort

The famous sunset of Goa

Sea birds at the beach

Sea birds at the beach

A half-eaten crustacean washed up on the beach

Another sunset

A Bird of Paradise plant at the butterfly conservatory.

A rare plant at the butterfly conservatory in Goa

Different species of butterflies and moths 

Empty water bottles being put to good use at the conservatory

Look closely and you'll see a butterfly beautifully camouflaged on the rock.

Can you see a caterpillar hanging underneath a leaf?

This is the roof garden of the house of the couple who manage the butterfly conservatory

Crossing the Mandovi river sitting in the cab. The ferry could carry a number of cars and even a mini truck.

Roots of the trees in the mangrove forest at the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary

A Brahmani Eagle sitting atop a tree. Very difficult to capture with a phone camera.

A white cormorant

Black Cormorant

Cake mixing at the resort. All the ingredients were laid out in the shape of Santa and a Christmas tree.


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