Madhur Gupta and Tanya Saxena: A performance I missed

Tanya Saxena and Madhur Gupta (Pic: Sanjit Debroy)

Sometimes, when I miss a performance of young dancers who I know are good and deserve encouragement, I like to feature a few photos and a brief account they send here.

Pic: Sanjit Debroy

One such recent performance was by Madhur Gupta and Tanya Saxena at the Roseate House on 31 March. Madhur has trained in Odissi under Madhavi Mudgal and Guru Sharon Lowen. Tanya is training under Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan and Rama Vaidyanathan in Bharatnatyam.

Madhur Gupta (Pic: Sanjit Debroy)

They presented Shringara: Tales of Love and Betrayal. Shringara rasa is the rasa of love among the navrasas. Love and betrayal are sentiments which are universal. 
Pic: Sanjit Debroy

The entire production was in two forms – Odissi by Madhur and Bharatnatyam by Tanya. The first piece, a mangalacharan, was titled Manikyaveena.

Tanya Saxena (Pic: Sanjit Debroy)
The varnam, I am told, revolved around love and longing, composed in ragam Reethigowla and aditaalam, a composition of the Tanjore quartet, choreographed by Rama Vaidyanathan with rhythmic interludes by Karaikudi Sivakumar.

Pic: Sanjit Debroy
 This was followed by an abhinaya piece, Yahi Madhav Yahi Keshav, an ashtapadi by Jayadev. Finally, there was a thillana in ragam Bihag, aditaalam.

(Details courtesy Madhur Gupta)