ONLINE: My dance prayer on World Dance Day 2021

On 29 April 2021, it was the second World Dance Day of the pandemic, the second annual dance celebration I was seeing in which there was no stage dancing happening in my city. Last year, we had all hoped that WDD 2021 would see dance and life back to normal. However, in that one year, loss and tragedy have pervaded even more of our lives than before, sometimes leaving little space for dance in the mind.

After losing a very precious person to blood cancer in March after an eight-month-long fight, the family was already under a cloud. Just when we were picking up the threads, we were all infected with COVID-19. One after the other, we started falling sick, with varying degrees of symptoms, during an extremely turbulent time watching all the news on the TV about people dying of COVID with no ICU beds, no oxygen and no medicines. By the grace of god and Guruma, we started gradually recovering.

I did not know how to start working again after this long sabbatical. Our city and country are going through such a horrific time, and I just thought I should do what I can do. At present, I can only pray for everybody and wish for an end to this holocaust that has engulfed mankind all over the world. At the same time, I also wish that mankind does not pass this disease on to any other life form. So on the second World Dance Day of the pandemic, all my prayers are for life itself, the beautiful creation of god that earth has been endowed with. Please click the link above to watch.

Song: Hari Tum Haro Jan Ki Peer sung and composed by Jagjit Singh
Lyrics: Meera Bai
© 1998 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.