Dirty toilets? Sitfree is the answer

The movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, though I have not seen it, is about an activity that’s a very important part of every human’s life. Every time you get nature’s call, you have to answer. And how many times has it happened, to each of us, that at times of the greatest ‘pressure’, you can’t find a clean toilet? Holding it to a certain extent is still doable, but if held for long periods, it becomes toxic, and with age, bladder control becomes harder. Plus, we city dwellers, in our comfortable homes, do not realise the plight of the slum dwellers and rural folk who do not even have a proper toilet, subjecting them to many communicable diseases.
I address the dance community to please watch out for this product, since they have to move all the time and travel a lot, sometimes to places that do not have proper toilets. Each penny that you contribute to this product will go towards a good cause.
It’s called Sitfree, and it’s a disposable, recyclable, waterproof toilet seat cover developed by my friend Neena Narayan. It’s a soft, folded cover made of fabric and plastic that’s about the size and thickness of a coaster – you can carry it around in your bag like a tissue, actually. It’s meant for use in unhygienic public toilets and provides a completely protective barrier between the dirty seat and the user. It fits universally on all seats by fully covering the surface. Its design includes a pocket that allows you to place it on the toilet without touching the seat, providing complete protection from the various infections that can be contracted from unclean toilets.
This is especially useful for women, especially menstruating women, but it’s not a ‘girls’ product’ – men who travel or commute a lot and end up having to use strange loos often would benefit from it too. It’s also recyclable, which many similar products are not. And the best part? It’s being made by needy women who are helped by the money, and any profit will go towards the building of toilets where they are needed. Its inventor, my friend Neena Narayan, is a force of nature, using her irrepressible joie de vivre and her love for Lord Krishna for the greater good.
So dancers, since it’s a great product for frequent travellers like yourselves and it’s serving a good cause, please check out this product and order it by emailing the following ID - sitfreenow@gmail.com. (it can be couriered to you).