An art reel

We recently attended the India Art Festival (not the Fair), and were very impressed by the works there. This is a gathering of many galleries who bring their work to this one platform. We clicked hundreds of pictures, some of which you see here, and also spoke to a couple of artists about their work.

Animal Instincts - V G Rana

Mour Singhania

Naresh Kumar

Artist - P Elanchehiyan

Artist - Prashant Yampure (All four above)

Artist - Rakhi Baid

Artist - Theyyam Vinayak K Jarang (colour pencils on paper)

End of an era (charcoal on paper) Supriya Mozumdar
Supriya Mozumdar, the artist told us, “I want to do similar portraits of Pt Ravi Shankar, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Michael Jackson and many more, who have left a vacuum in this world.” 

Eternal companion - P Gnaona

Its a peacock made of a pedestal fan and spoons

Hand embroidery - Astha Studio (All three above)

Intolerance - Sudhanshu Sutar

Intricate Art Work - Niranjan Jonnala  Gadda (All three above)

Intricate wood sculpture - Jahangir Jahana

Novices - Nyo Win Pe

Silencer (Fibreglass and iron) - G R Iranna

The Hand - Thet Tunoo (All four above)

Vintage Scooter Art

The hand sculpture
Artist - Prof Kidwai
Prof Kidwai, the artist, said, “The medium used is bronze. My inspiration to use hands and feet is leprosy. Leprosy starts from the hands, especially the nails. I knew a person whose disease had just started, and two of his fingers had to be amputated. Despite having money and position in society, he lost his personality due to the disease. So I use the hands and the feet to make various forms and in order to beautify them, I give them the garb of calligraphy. I do try to change my subject and come back again to it.”

Pics: Anoop Arora