Coronavirus has shown us how much damage we've done

Suddenly, on one fine morning, one virus made us realize that we live on one earth. There are no districts, cities, states, countries, continents, Hindustan or Pakistan – just one and only one earth, whose ecosystem has been brought to the brink. The virus has spread across all borders, barring none. There is no religion, caste, creed, community, race... the virus has reminded us that we are just one species. And in this human-to-human infection, we have realized that we are all mortal and fragile and that our needs can be reduced to the basics, the essentials. Somehwere in the back of my mind I feel that a little bit of this might be good for us – we in India hear no more about CAA, NPR, NRC, rioting, discrimination. It’s a very famous saying by Kabir Das, ‘Dukh mein sumiran sab karein, sukh mein kare na koi, jo sukh mein sumiran kare to dukh kahe ko hoye.’ So that dukh has to hit us hard sometimes to keep giving us a gentle nudge. People have exploited nature for centuries. Today, we are cowering in our homes, while nature is recovering and happy.
Nevertheless, please stay safe, please stay healthy.