History walk-through: Northern Ridge to Jama Masjid

Delhi, the city I have lived in all my life... and yet, I felt I did not know my city well. I had not visited most of its heritage buildings. So I took a camera and started taking long walks around these places, starting with British and Old Delhi. All who view this post, kindly feel free to suggest more heritage sites to visit in and around Delhi.

We started from Delhi University’s North Campus and the Ridge, hiking to the forest and the British structures inside it. Moving north-east towards Kashmere Gate, we visited St. James’ Church and the home of James Skinner, which was the old St. Stephen’s College building and is now an Election Commission museum. The road behind it leads to the historical Delhi Junction Railway Station building, to which we were denied entry. Nearby is also the old Hindu College building, which we did not visit. From the outside, we clicked the GGSIPU campus building, which apparently houses Dara Shikoh’s library. From Kashmere Gate to St. James’ Church to this is not even a kilometre, and makes for an easy walk on a cool day.

On other trips, we went to the Red Fort and to the Jama Masjid farther down the same road, deeper into Old Delhi. For those looking to do this tour, the Delhi Metro is a great option, since these areas are usually very crowded with vehicles, carts, autos, rickshaws and pedestrians, and your car or cab is sure to get stuck or scratched. For the Ridge, take the Yellow Line to Vishwavidyalaya station. The same line goes to the Kashmere Gate station, which is right opposite the Kashmere Gate itself, from where you can begin your own heritage walk through the church, the colleges and, if you’re up to it, all the way to Lal Qila and Jama Masjid. Alternatively, from Kashmere Gate Station, change to the Violet Line for the last two stops, or continue on the Yellow Line to Chandni Chowk.

Lal Qila

At the Northern Ridge

Flagstaff Tower in the Northern Ridge

Jama Masjid

Around Kashmere Gate

St. James Church

Indraprastha University 

Skinner's house, the old St Stephen's College building

The actual Kashmere Gate
Pics: Shveta Arora