Yatra nari pujayante, tatra devata bhramante

That is what Indian culture stands for. This saying is from our scriptures. But what happens when in the present Kalyug, yatra tatra sarvatra, women are being abused and raped? I think that is what the statement by the Supreme Court says after the disclosure of the rape of girls in shelters in Bihar and UP. “Women being raped left, right and centre,” said the Supreme Court. 
Disclosures since April have highlighted the regular sexual abuse of minor girls in at least two shelter homes in Bihar’s Deoria and Muzaffarpur, with the victims being as young as seven. Several girls were found with scars on their bodies, including on their private parts. Many of them had been forced to abort pregnancies as well. 
Our rishis did not foresee this situation in the coming times, otherwise they would have given instructions to the devatas to flee from this land. They had better protect their own womenfolk elsewhere.

Image courtesy www.hindustantimes.com/PTI